naturys benifits

Over millions of years, natural processes have enriched the Dead Sea with multitude of minerals. The entry of pure water from mineral springs, the steadily sinking sea bed, natural recycling eect of the Dead Sea and the high evaporation rate has made the Dead Sea the richest mineral reservoir on earth.

The high salinity of the water enables one to oat eortlessly. Dead Sea Salts contain a high concentration of minerals and slate oil.

Dierence between dead sea salt and sea salt
• Dead Sea Salt contains no iodine
• Dead Sea Salt contains a high concentration of slate oil
• Dead Sea Salt hydrates the skin (Minerals) and Sea Salt dehydrates the skin (Sodium Chloride)

Dead Sea Mineral Salt Benefits:
Minerals such as Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium aid in Remineralizing the skin and body, promoting well-being and relaxation.
Allows heat to accumulate and stay warm for some time.
The Natural Moisture Factor of the skin is restored with the aid of minerals such as potassium and sodium.
Improve cellular respiration.
Dead Sea Salt is iodine free and hypoallergenic.

• Psoriasis
• Dermatitis
• Arthritis
• Rheumatologic conditions
• Muscular pain
• Joint pain
• General stress

Contra Indications:
• Uncontrolled Hyper/hypotension
• Lymphatic Cancer
• Circulatory disorders and diseases
• Pregnancy
• Eczema
• Dehydration
• Keratinized skin
• Oedema
• Cellulite
• Dandruff
• insomnia