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Top Benefits

100% Natural Massage Mediums
Arguably the crowning glory of the range, the massage mediums are like no other on the market. The 100% vegetable oil bases are infused with a blend of natures ingredients delivering massage mediums that offer superior spreadability and slip with no sticky after-feel. The oils ultimately absorb into the skin leaving the skin deeply hydrated and nourished.
There are three massage mediums:

  • Energising (with Marula & Mint)
  • Relaxing (with Kalahari Melon & Vanilla)
  • Fragrance Free (with Marula & Sesame)
  • - therapists can add their own selection of essential oils to create custom treatments.

    The masks are easy to apply and remove and are water soluble so will not stain linen and towels: Energising or Relaxing Scrubs
    The scrubs are not only ideal for full body exfoliation but also perfect for mani and pedi treatments: Energising (with Marula & Baobab) - stimulating and rejuvenating for the client and therapist. Relaxing (with Kalahari Melon & Baobab) -soothing and calming.

    Base Cream
    A pH balanced, fragrance-free cream that can be used on super-sensitive clients. Therapists can also incoporate their own essential oils into the base for a customised treatment.

    Salon wash
    This 100% natural and biodegradable wash is perfect for use across all cleansing applications. Diluted in warm water it is an effective foot soak. It can be used in spa showers and bathrooms and is safe to use with grey water systems. Like the rest of the range, it is rapidly biodegradable.