Gwenya Salon Organics

>>> Organic & Eco Friendly

“We have been asked by spa and salon stockists for some time now to supply them with clean, affordable bulk salon products.”
Gwenya has been formulated in response to the growing demand for a safe, affordable, natural range that can be used for everyday treatments in spas and salons – a demand initiated by the growth in consumer awareness for natural and organic. As a result most salons and spas have adopted at least one organic skincare or body care line in their establishments. Organic ranges tend to be high-end lines limited to facials or specialised body treatments. A large proportion of treatments conducted in spas and salons in South Africa are massages, pedicures and manicures. Most establishments don’t use their high-end brands for these treatments and instead source affordable options. Unfortunately, these are often petrochemical based products heavily laden with chemicals, which are not good for the therapist, or the client. This is of particular concern for therapists who work with these products all day. Extended exposure to chemicals in cosmetics has been identified as a toxicity risk.

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SkinPHD Nourishes and renew

>>> Natural | Cosmeceutical  | Eco Friendly

SkinPhD offers you a complete range of cosmeceutical skincare products that is clinically tested (but never on animals) and endorsed by leading dermatologists. At SkinPhD our core focus areas are product, performance and price to ensure you get the best out of your skin and your budget.

Facial care: As a cosmeceutical range, our products rely on bio-active ingredients to provide beneficial changes in appearance of the skin, working beyond the skin surface to create true change.
Special treatments: Specialised products targeting specific skin problems such as pigmentation, acne and oily skin, eczema and other medical conditions. Our special range of concentrates addresses the effect of cellular renewal and skin regeneration, improved barrier function and the stabilisation of collagen and elastin.
Body care: A result-driven range of products to reduce the appearance of cellulite, to restructure and tighten the skin and to reduce the visible appearance of stretch marks, improving your body contours, texture and tone.
Professional treatments: Ask your aesthetic doctor or beauty therapist about SkinPhD.
A prestige product specially formulated and dermatology tested providing high potency and cohesive solutions for healthy skin. SkinPhD offers a cosmeceutical product range which is not only developed against a "problemsolution" positioning, but offers the perfect skin care range for consumers who seek to enhance their appearance and address the impacts of ageing.

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Ordinary SkincARE productS are Local and Eco

>>> Natural | Modern Science | Eco Friendly

Ordinary skincare. Honest skincare products - especially for those with sensitive skins, and those who have "hardworking" skin - when the years of sun, sand, sea or stress make finding the right product hard. Our skin is our largest organ - and deserves care and attention. We believe in offering products that work, are safe, and that marry the finest that nature offers with the best of modern science. Simply to provide top quality skincare products. After her years in frontline healthcare, and Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Claire Jamieson knew the problems her patients faced choosing skincare products that delivered effective long term moisturising and protection without side effects. She decided what was needed was:
    A simple range
    Using the best nature can offer
    With safe modern materials where necessary
    Delivered in hygienic, recyclable packages
As a doctor Claire knew when it came to skincare, everyone is unique, everyone is confused about what is "best" for them, and often confounded by the skincare industry and its confusion of claims.

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