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No Chemicals:
Smart mittens contain no chemicals, the revolutionary design makes them clean like MAGIC & suitable for use on even the most sensitive skins.
Just warm water:
Smittens can be used with cleanser, but work perfect with just warm water. The cleansers can help lift dirt while the mitten massages your skin to remove dead skin cells/impurities & pulls them into the cloth.
Use Daily:
With daily use it offers a delicate exfoliation, guaranteeing the effective removal of excess grime & 99% of the bacteria from your skin, leaving it smooth & healthy!
There are three variations:
Smitten for Ladies:

  • Rub mitten gently over your face, carefully around your sensitive eye area, merely rest the water drenched warm smitten over the eye for 5-15 seconds, then gently wipe makeup from eyes with your finger tipped smitten.
  • Do not rub for more than 1 minute in any one spot
  • Use it at night to remove harmful effects of pollution and for make-up removal allowing your skin to enjoy an overnight rejuvenation
  • Use it in the morning for a refreshing start to the day
  • Silky smooth and cleansed, now your face is prepared to continue it’s beauty routine with your choice products.
  • Smitt for Men:
  • Rub mitten over your face, neck & chest
  • Use it at night to remove harmful effects of pollution and a refreshing deep cleanse
  • Use it in the morning for an invigorating start to the day, especially after shaving to exfoliate skin & avoid ingrown hairs
  • Pat face with smitt soaked in chilled water to lock in hydration & close pores
  • Smitty for Babies:
  • Rub mitten gently over baby’s head, face & body (especially in little creases), wherever the smitty touches skin it cleans!
  • Teething/drool cloth – smitty absorbs over 7 times its own weight in moisture so mopping up the “acid” laden baby’s saliva that can chaf & inflame skin
  • Nappy area wipes – a damped smitty can clean the nappy area instantly with warm water only & either be washed immediately or turned inside out and stored in the ziplock bag. Wet wipes contain chemicals that are left on baby’s skin, these chemicals cause nappy rash and allergies.
  • Face & hand cleaning – smitty cleans 99% bacteria off the skin and is portable & convenient to use anytime.
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    >>> Eyelid Cleanser | Anti-Aging Eyecare

    Chrissanthie anti-aging eye care delivers in terms of nourishing, moisturising, protecting and regenerating the delicate area around the eyes… usually the first tell-tale sign of ageing! Chrissanthie offers three remarkable eye care products formulated to prevent and improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, puffiness and dark circles. Chrissanthie Eye Care product range is developed by a well-known ophthalmologist and pharmacist in South Africa and is recognised by eye specialists and the beauty industry across Africa, Canada, USA and Europe.
    Chrissanthie Eyelid Cleanser
    A revolutionary eyelid shampoo - an all-in-one cleanser perfect for use with eye lash extensions, Chrissanthie Eyelid Cleanser is a convenient, effective way to gently clean and condition the delicate eyelid and eyelashes. Chrissanthie Eyelid Cleanser gentle formula can be used as a daily makeup remover and eyelash cleanser. Chrissanthie Eyelid Cleanser completely cleanses and sanitises the eyelids and removes make-up. Its gentle formula ensures it will not break down adhesives used in eyelash extensions.
    Chrissanthie Eye Cream
    A velvety textured anti-ageing eye cream, with intense repairing properties. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles and keeps the delicate eye area moisturised and supple. It's not too heavy or greasy and make-up can be applied immediately without any smudging. Apply a small pea sized amount morning and evening around the delicate eye area for optimum results.
    Chrissanthie Eye Serum
    A hydrating eye care product that assists in the treatment of bags, puffiness and dark circles. It is anti-ageing and will assist with fine lines and dehydration. The eye area will feel refreshed and dark circles will appear lighter. This 'miracle' serum has a non-oily residue and is preferred by lash technicians as an eye care treatment while wearing eyelash/brow extensions. Apply a small pea sized amount morning and evening around the delicate eye area without touching the eyelashes.

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