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Ecklon® is a unique, professional range of body-care treatments exclusively manufactured from the brown seaweed, Ecklonia Maxima. Indigenous to the West Coast of South Africa, it is proving to be of the best kelp in the world, achieving remarkable results in its extensive use in Thalassotherapy centres, spas and wellness clinics.

The South African West Coast is one of the most unpolluted and pristine coastlines in the world. Here in the strong, oxygen-rich wave action of the sun-drenched Atlantic surf zone, forests of Ecklonia Maxima thrive as they are continually nourished by the cold, mineral rich, Antarctic waters of the Benguela current.

The living seaweed is carefully harvested by hand according to the phases of the moon by experienced local divers who quickly transport it directly to the factory. Here it immediately undergoes the South African patented ‘cell burst’ process,

This closely guarded and unique process uses none of the traditional factors that previously destroyed the components of organic plant life including heat, chemicals, freezing, dehydration and ultrasound. Through intense pressure it releases all the minerals, amino acids, trace elements and vitamins that would otherwise be trapped within the tough cell walls. Every Ecklon® product makes these naturally pure ingredients readily available for absorption by the skin.

The most important components contained in Ecklonia Maxima are the polysaccharides, which are responsible for many health benefits. One such benefit is hydration of the skin. Polysaccharides continually prevent the seaweed from drying out when it is exposed to the sun and wind at low tide, thus making them nature’s perfect natural moisturisers.

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MoyA Nourishes and renew

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For all the benefits and advances offered to us through science and modern medicine, there’s something about the natural approach to healthy living that instinctively intrigues us.
Now from a nation whose heart and soul is found in its natural splendour, comes a revolutionary range of natural therapeutic homecare essentials.
Introducing Moya. A comprehensive range of products including body washes, lotions, essential oils, bath oils and healing synergies that celebrate the natural heritage of South Africa.
Moya unlocks the secret properties of Fynbos and other indigenous botanicals, in a range of therapeutic homecare products, distilled from the finest plant extracts and essential oils, offering the energy and natural goodness of Africa, in its purest form.
Fynbos is an endemic and rare biome of plants, found mostly in the Western Cape region, that forms the smallest and most ecologically diverse plant kingdom in the world. The therapeutic qualities of these fascinating plants have led to Fynbos being used in generations of native tribal rituals. But it was in traditional South African households that many of its medical implications were first discovered.
Aromatic and therapeutic essences of Buchu, Zinziba, Cape May, Cape Snowbush, Cape Chamomile, Lanyana and Cape Geranium are found in Moya’s range, offering holistic and natural solutions to everyday life issues like stress, fatigue, PMS, dry skin, flu, sinusitis, and skin afflictions like eczema.
But most importantly, Moya is intended to simply be enjoyed, as a luxurious and body-nourishing product with benefits that go far beyond skin deep. 

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Have a mini facial every day!!! Here are just some of the reasons our sponges are perfect for you:
•Using our sponges as part of your skin care regime and see and feel the results for yourself.
•Revitalizes the face and body .
•Gently exfoliates your skin, leaving it with a healthy natural glow.
•Massages the skin gently, stimulating the skin and encouraging cell renewal.
•Deeply cleanses the pores help liminate dirt, excess oil, bacteria, blackheads and blocked pores.
•Does not damage the delicate skin surface and is non-abrasive.
•No need for additional cleansers unless desired.
•The sponge does all the work without the need for additional products.
•If additional products are used less will be needed.
•Extra soft texture is ideal for even the most hypersensitive skin types.
•Can be safely used twice a day.

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