Make up eraser


A patented blend of polyester that is changing the way the world removes makeup. The Original Makeup Eraser™ is the #1 Reusable Makeup Removal System in the World. The Original MakeUp Eraser™ is a revolutionary tool used by millions of women worldwide.

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MUD Make up


Make-Up Designory proudly introduces to the PROFESSIONAL AND public our quality line of products created with the insight and expertise of professional make-up artists. All of our make-up and tools go through a rigorous testing process in challenging, real-world situations, from the harsh conditions of a remote film location to the bright lights of Broadway. At Make-Up Designory (MUD), creating honest make-up products and providing quality education has been our passion for the past decade. We plan to stay loyal to that tradition. That's what makes us different from other make-up brands. We conduct rigorous testing for our MUD line of products through industry experts and up-and-coming make-up artists at our highly regarded schools in Los Angeles and New York, to ensure we meet professional standards for today and tomorrow.

So whether you dare to be different, prefer polished and professional or simply want an all-natural look, MUD promises quality, long-lasting wearability, flawless application and radiantly accurate colour. With our systematic lines, precision tools, how-to guides and insider tips, we've eliminated the frustrating guesswork. Just simple, smart, versatile make-up. No wonder MUD has been the expert choice of make-up professionals for the past decade.

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Gwenya Salon Organics

>>> Organic & Eco Friendly

“We have been asked by spa and salon stockists for some time now to supply them with clean, affordable bulk salon products.”
Gwenya has been formulated in response to the growing demand for a safe, affordable, natural range that can be used for everyday treatments in spas and salons – a demand initiated by the growth in consumer awareness for natural and organic. As a result most salons and spas have adopted at least one organic skincare or body care line in their establishments. Organic ranges tend to be high-end lines limited to facials or specialised body treatments. A large proportion of treatments conducted in spas and salons in South Africa are massages, pedicures and manicures. Most establishments don’t use their high-end brands for these treatments and instead source affordable options. Unfortunately, these are often petrochemical based products heavily laden with chemicals, which are not good for the therapist, or the client. This is of particular concern for therapists who work with these products all day. Extended exposure to chemicals in cosmetics has been identified as a toxicity risk.

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>>> Silky soft stressball with pure essential oils

Aromadough takes Aromatherapy to those who need it in a fun, natural and affordable way. This silky soft ball of health combines ingredients like coconut oil and cocoa butter with pure essential oils which are infused into it with a secret method. Our tagline is "Health in your Hand" and that explains perfectly what you receive when you use Aromadough. It combines between thirteen to fifteen completely natural ingredients into one ball of goodness and you can choose the ball according to your requirement.

Adult Range
Bring out your inner child with your own health ball that is also a playful stress ball. Allow a carefully selected blend of essential oils to bring healing, comfort and relief as you play.
Teenagers Range
Designed for the busy teen who needs to study, write exams and deal with an active life! Our Study health ball can be used to help with focus and concentration.
Childrens Range
Playtime can also be healing time! Give your little one an all-natural health ball that has no additives, preservatives or chemicals. A beautifully natural health ball crammed with essential oils.

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>>> Wooden Top Diffuser

Wooden Top Diffuser Packed in Upmarket Silk Lined Cream Presentation Box. The product can be ordered in four different fragrances. Vanilla Coconut and Sugared Grapefruit

Our diffusers are extremely unique because of manner in which they diffuse via the dowel stick into the wooden top.

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Milk Solutions

>>> Milk and Honey | Garden | Fruit | Professional

Milk and Honey
Our original, classic and comprehensive range of skincare treatments for hand, feet and body

A range of innovative treatments designed to visible improve signs of ageing

Our fruit range fragrances refresh and re- energize the mind and soul as they do the hands and feet

Everything the salon professional needs to deliver perfection with every treatment

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